Monday, September 19, 2011

The Lord’s Prayer as a powerful Kundalini Meditation

The Lord’s Prayer as a powerful Kundalini Meditation.
When I was a child, I somehow understood the Lord’s Prayer was an important part of the Sunday Church service. Then as a student at a church school we recited this Christian prayer 2-3 times a day... often in way that was mechanical & without meaning. 

Despite this, I have often come back to this very traditional prayer for both the tough times & as part of the celebrations for the good times. This prayer has always had a peaceful & lightening effect on me & now with my understanding & experience of Pranic Healing I now know how & why and can now have that beautiful experience more often!
The Lord’s Prayer was first linked to the awakening of the 7 chakra energy system by channeller and spiritual teacher Edgar Cayce (1877- 1945).

Master Choa Kok Sui (1954-2007) author of Pranic Healing then researched this idea further.
What Master Choa Kok Sui reveals in his book & meditation CD of the Lord’s Prayer is the inner teachings of this prayer & how it is a systematic activation of the 11 chakras as they correlate phrase by phrase to the Lord’s Prayer. It is a powerful Kundalini awakening meditation!

To experience this ancient prayer as an activation of the energy system (aura & chakras) for the expansion of consciousness is a beautiful, powerful & profound experience for me & many others.
How does it work & what is the effect.

Lord’s Prayer phrase by phrase
Activates a specific chakra
The effect is:
Our Father
Crown Chakra
Down pouring of spiritual energy into the aura & physical – cleansing & healing
Who art in Heaven
Forehead Chakra
Access to the inner world (heaven within)
Holy be thy Name
Ajna & Throat Chakra
Higher creativity & materialization of your thoughts & words
Thy Kingdom come
Heart Chakra
The person becomes more compassionate, more giving & generous
Thy Will be done
Solar Plexus
Increased inner strength to tread the path of spiritual righteousness
On earth as it is in Heaven
Naval Chakra
More Golden Chi is produced allowing for accelerated evolution of the Soul
Give us this day our daily bread
Front & Back Spleen Chakra
Increased energy for physical & psychological well-being
Forgive us for our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us
Meng Mein Chakra
enhanced ability to forgive & facilitate your inner healing (symbolically transmute ‘lead into gold’)
Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil
Sex Chakra
Transmutation of sex energy into loving energy, creative energy & Divine energy
For thine is the kingdom,
Basic Chakra
The awakening of Kundalini energy
The Power, the Glory
Spleen & Meng Mein chakra
The awakened Kundalini energy is circulated around the body on its way to the crown
Forever & ever. Amen
Crown Chakra
The Spiritual energy from the Crown & the Kundalini energy from the Basic Chakra are brought together to manifest as expansion of consciousness
For more information or to experience this meditation using the Lord’s Prayer please contact Fara Curlewis at the Pranic Healing Centre
For more details see Lord’s Prayer Meditation workshop Saturday October 29th in Milton with Master Daphne Bigcas