Monday, March 27, 2017


What is the prelude to a miracle? .... The prelude to a miracle is an impossible situation. I have always found this statement from A Course in Miracles so inspirational!

Master Choa Kok Sui (author & founder of Modern Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga) also speaks of miracles as:  
Miracles are fantastic events that utilise Laws of Nature.

Miracles do not break the Laws of Nature – they are actually based on them...Pranic Healing uses Laws of Nature that people do not know or are not aware of.
Grand Master Choa Kok Sui - Miracles Through Pranic Healing (2004), Chapter 1

How are miracles facilitated, applied and achieved?

How can the miraculous physical, emotional and spiritual healing be achieved by just ordinary people?  

Master Choa Kok Sui in his Pranic Healing courses teaches us researched and tested protocols and principles .... these 15 Principles of Energy are the building blocks of miracles!
MCKS teachings (courses & books) enable ordinary people to produce extraordinary and miraculous healing results for ourselves and others .... facilitating the correction of physical, emotional and spiritual ailments and disturbances and the restoration of health and wellbeing.


  1. Principle of Life Energy – for the physical body to exist it must have life energy or prana
  2. Principle of Pervasiveness - we are little energy beings in an ocean of energy
  3. Principle of Diseased Energy – disease not only exists in the physical form but also in the energy form
  4. Principle of Transmutability – Life energy or prana can be transferred from one person to another or an object & back again
  5. Principle of Contamination – Disease energy is transmittible from one person to another or to an object or plant & back again
  6. Principle of Controllability – Life energy (as well as diseased energy) can be controlled through ‘mind intent’
  7. Principle of Cleansing and Energising – In healing both removing diseased energy (cleansing) and giving life energy (energising) is necessary.
  8. Principle of Radical Reaction – When energising is done without cleansing  first and worsening of symptoms may occur
  9. Principle of Internal Conductivity and Receptivity – The client must be receptive to the healing energy otherwise the projected pranic energy will not be absorbed
  10. Principle of Stabilizing – Projected pranic energy tends to leak out unless the Pranic Healing technique of stabilizing energy is applied
  11. Principle of Cutting and Releasing – for healing to take place it is necessary for projected energy to be released by cutting the cords between the healer and client
  12. Principle of correspondence – what affects the energy body will tend to affect the physical body and visa versa. So if the energy body is healed the physical body will tend to be healed
  13. Principle of Lag Time – the rate of healing of the energy body is much faster than the physical body. This degree of delay may or lag time depends on the degree of damage and also receptivity of the client
  14. Principle of Interconnectedness – the body of the healer and the client are interconnected with each other as they are both part of the earth’s energy body
  15. Principle of Directability -  life energy can be directed … it follows where your attention is focussed
Grand Master Choa Kok Sui – Possible Miracles … The Golden Lotus Sutras on Pranic Healing (2004), pp 5-13

Master Choa Kok Sui has synthesised these principles into a powerful and practical framework that is called Pranic Healing which is easy to learn and allows you to heal yourself and in doing so help heal the world.

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