Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Two Types of Hearts

'For there to be peace on earth, there must be peace within each of us ...
For there to be love on earth, there must be love within each of us'
Master Choa Kok Sui teaches that …for peace and love the first step is that the seed of forgiveness be planted in each of us.

What about our hearts?
What kind of expressions and descriptions do we use when describing our behaviour?

Brave hearted, kind hearted, sweet, loving, golden, patient, compassionate, generous, big, open, whole hearted .....OR....Hard hearted, mean, cold, black, cruel, heavy, half hearted

Can these two states or vibration levels exist simultaneously?
It will always be an either/or and it will always be our choice, our decision in each moment!

This is the basis of the Law of Karma. 
Whatever seeds I plant I will harvest those fruits!
From whichever ‘heartedness’ I am acting from.
Through a daily practice of Twin Hearts meditation (on loving kindness) we can gradually transform our inner world.

What is the consequences of doing this inner transformation?
We are filled with peace, love and forgiveness and this leads to a transformation of our outer world.

As the Buddha says:
'In the end, only three things matter:
  •  How much you loved, 
  • How gently you lived and 
  • How gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you'  

We invite you to join in our Monday evening Twin Hearts Meditation here at the Pranic Healing Centre. For more meditation details see website

Saturday, September 6, 2014

What is Arhatic Yoga?

Master Choa Kok Sui’s Arhatic Yoga is a comprehensive system of spiritual practices that anyone can follow on a regular basis to rapidly and safely accelerate spiritual evolution and union with their Divine Nature.

Master Stephen Co goes on to explain:
First, the role of the Teacher in the life of the spiritual practitioner is explained and clarified.

Then extensive purification of the physical, etheric, emotional and mental vehicles are taught to prepare the body for the inflow of Divine Energies.

This step is critical. As the Bible says, one should not pour new wine (Soul Force) into old wine skins (unprepared and impure bodies). This involves specialized breathing techniques and simple and easy to follow physical exercises to quickly purify the physical and etheric bodies. These physical exercises are simple enough to be done by anyone.

These breathing practices gradually purge the ancient seeds (negative thought patterns, pent up emotions and tendencies from past and present lives) lodged in the chakras. Thus the chakras, meridians, astral body and mental body is cleansed to allow an increased flow of Divine Energy.
Concurrently, powerful meditations are introduced to the students to accelerate the communication of the bodies with their Higher Souls. The Higher Soul provides the precious energy to safely awaken and simultaneously regulate the Sacred Fire or Kundalini Energy.

This method ensures a safe and gradual awakening of the Sacred Fire, thereby minimizing the symptoms of Kundalini Syndrome like: overheating of the body, hallucinations, "spaciness," uncontrollable body shakes after spiritual practices, uncontrolled anger, medical illnesses that cannot be diagnosed, unexplained bad luck and others.

Arhatic Yoga courses are offered each year in Brisbane and to learn more please call or check out our website.