Monday, February 8, 2016

Pranic Healing is more than just is a way of life!

Pranic Healing gives you a set of tools and techniques that enable you to have a better life!

It's great that you take good care of your physical body.
Have you thought about how to look after your energy body?

We all have an energy field around us called the aura and it looks like a luminous ball of light. The aura works like a battery and if the aura is strong and healthy then our body will reflect this.
We will feel more alive!

Any of the disturbances we experience from the external (for example, the weather, bad company, poor diet, disturbing images on our TV) or from the internal (sad or fearful memories, illness, karmic issues) and all the everyday frustrations make this luminous energy field congested, unbalances and full of greyish energy. This, in the long run, manifests as pain, discomfort, and physical and psychological problems.

To remain healthy, happy and in good shape we must take care of our energy body! Just as we take a daily shower to keep the physical body clean the energy body also needs cleansing in order to maintain good health.

Pranic Healing has all the techniques and tools to repair, recharge, restore, refresh and revitalize your energy body so you get to live your best life!

Pranic Healing is simple, easy to learn and practical.

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