Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The unfolding your natural healing abilities with Pranic Healing!

Make heaven on earth! Be empowered! Learn Pranic Healing!

Here is a link to a simple refection on Pranic Healing, our fears of becoming Pranic Healers and what it means to be 'empowered' with the skills you learn in Pranic Healing.
Did you know all your abilities to heal & find peace are already inside of you! Learning MCKS Pranic Healing is just an unfolding of your natural abilities.
This article is from the Prana World blog which has many resources for Pranic Healers and especially people wondering about Pranic Healing.
Of course, we invite you to call our centre, book an appointment, join in meditation evenings and/or  participate in the many Pranic Healing Courses on offer. For more information about our centre link
Love & blessings, Fara

I would like to acknowledge and thank Nandita Kumar for her inspirations & insights about Pranic Healing on Prana World.