Monday, December 2, 2013

The Virtue of Non-Attachment

Non-attachment has nothing to do with coldness or indifference.
It is to realize that nothing is permanent.
If I can live life intensely & at the same time be non-attached - then, & only then, will I be able to perceive things accurately & clearly.

Master Choa says:
'It is very much like a child giving up the toys of childhood.
It requires a certain level of maturity to achieve non-attachment'.

It is when I do things properly & thoroughly & then let go.
It is being in the flow & not resisting change.
It is change that teaches us non-attachment.
Everything is in a constant state of change.
Life a series of attachments & detachments and a series of holding on & releasing and of connecting & disconnecting. It is this that produces either suffering or the virtue of non-attachment.

When I live without struggle or resistance I can experience non-attachment and can seriously participate in the flow of life!

Based on Master Choa Kok Sui Creative Transformation Sutra

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Master Choa Kok Sui describes 5 virtues for the spiritual practitioner to master
One of these virtues is LOVING KINDNESS.
Master Choa Kok Sui says:
Practice Loving-Kindness to people & other beings in thought, speech & action.
Real Love makes you see things as they are
Harmlessness is a manifestation of Loving-Kindness.
Where there is Love there will be stillness & peace.
MCKS gives us a key to accelerating our spiritual development. He says:
If the heart chakra is not developed the crown chakra cannot develop.
One powerful way to develop both the heart chakra & the crow chakra is the beautiful & powerful Twin Hearts Meditation.
Here, at the Pranic Healing centre, we offer Monday evening Meditation to practice this meditation.

All are welcome & no prior meditation experience is necessary.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Law of Karma

This is a universal law.
Simple, clear & fundamental in all spiritual traditions.
In Pranic Healing Master Choa Kok Sui (MCKS) reminds us of this in his teachings, courses & meditations
When I remember this Universal Law I create a force (or vibration) which creates my destiny.
When I forget we are all one, I create the separation & produce a different type of force (or vibration)  which activates the Law of Karma & creates my destiny.

The Law of Karma is about cause & effect.
The Law of Karma is about the seeds I plant & fertilize will be harvested, both good & bad.
It is simple & easy to both understand & observe.
The seeds I sow I will reap … the examples often given are if you plant an apple seed you get an apple tree, if you plant a seed of rice you grown & harvest rice.

Pranic Healing teaches how & why this Law operates.
Pranic Healing teaches you techniques to neutralize any negative Karma & practice’s to build your good Karma.
For more information you are welcome to participate Pranic Healing Courses available at our Centre

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Precious Gifts

What are the most precious gifts we can be given?
According to the Indian tradition there are 4 jewels or gifts of great value-
1.      The Human Life. This is only the result of very good karma
2.      Spiritual Inclination. We may have a human body however only some people are given this gift to seek what is real
3.      Spiritual Companions. We may have the spiritual inclination to seek however to have companions on our journey is a precious gift
4.      Spiritual Teacher. We may seek and have companions however only the very blessed find their spiritual teacher.

If we are simply alive we have been blessed
If we have a spiritual inclination we are doubly blessed
If we have spiritual companions for our journey we are triply blessed
If we have a spiritual teacher as well we are exceedingly blessed.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Suffering & The Work of Byron Katie

We are 100% responsible for our own suffering.!
Our beliefs create our suffering...
Our attachment to certain beliefs will determine how much we suffer.
This is a big one!
My mother shouldn't have died when I was only 6
I shouldn't have been abused by my grandfather
I shouldn't be overweight
My parents should help me more
People shouldn't be so selfish
Politicians should be more honest
Life should be fair
They should forgive me

These beliefs will create a life of suffering
It is the law of cause & effect

There are many ways to transform your suffering
A powerful, simple yet effective way is THE WORK.            
What is The Work?
It is a process of 4 questions & a turn around.
What are the results of this process?
·        Create calmness & clarity in your life
·        Learn your spiritual lessons & not continue your suffering
·        You see clearly what you are creating in this world
 It is a simple process
It is a journey into your true & best self
What are the results of this process?
You get to be free.

Want to know more?
I teach this process in individual sessions or in a day workshop
Next one day workshop:

Saturday 15th June 10am-4pm$80 (morning tea provided)Venue: Pranic Healing Centre3 Alderson St

All are welcome

Monday, April 8, 2013

Achieving Oneness with your Higher Soul

What is the purpose of meditation?
What is the purpose of a spiritual practice?

The purpose of these activities is to know and experience that we are all beings of light - that we are all one. This is also called soul realization. The purpose of soul realization is to manifest it in this world through our thoughts, words & deeds.

What are the stages of this journey towards soul realization?
According to Master Choa Kok Sui there are different stages of soul realization.

1.      The 1st stage requires the intellectual understanding that you are The Soul. You are a spiritual being of divine intelligence, divine love & divine power. You are not the physical body; you are not your thoughts or your emotions! You are so much more than this.

2.   In the 2nd stage you experience one’s self as the soul. It is during meditation that the experience of being more than the body, thoughts & emotions may be felt. The body, thoughts & feelings are replaced by the feeling of light .

With further development & a sustained spiritual practice the practitioner may experience the realization of the nature of the soul. Master Choa Kok Sui describes this as the recognition that we are all beings of light & this light radiates in all directions throughout the physical & inner universe.

4.      The 3rd stage in soul realization is the experience of the incarnated soul (this is you) having union with the higher soul. The incarnated soul (you) & the higher soul are one. The practitioner also experiences oneness with all. This stage is when the process of arhatship starts.

 Master Choa Kok Sui’s book & course Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul (available from this centre) guide us to begin this process with understanding:
The Higher Soul & Incarnated Soul
The Spiritual Cord & the seeds of consciousness
How to safely awaken the Kundalini
The need for physical & inner purification
Achieving stillness
The meditations of Twin Hearts & the Blue Pearl

The Course Achieving Oneness with your Higher Soul is being offered in Brisbane July 20 & 21 with one of Master Choa Kok Sui’s Master Teacher – Acharya Hermie Corcuera see website for details

All are welcome.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meditation Retreats - what they can offer

In the second half of 2012 I had the opportunity to experience 2 extended meditation retreats. One was 21 days & the other 14 days.

·        The 21 day silent retreat, with a small group of Enneagramers as participants. This was held at Andelaine in the Numinbah Valley, Qld & was lead by David Burke. The retreat was structured according to the Christian Contemplative tradition with 7 meditations sessions a day - every 3 hrs between 3am &  9pm. This retreat was in silence.

·        The 14 day meditation intensive was at the Pranic Healing Arhatic Ashram, near Pune, India over the Christmas/New Year period. The structure of this program was a spiritual practice in 3 blocks of time with 2 meals each day. The sessions began 7am & finished by 10pm with an inner reflection/siesta break between 1pm & 3pm. There were 45 participants from around the world.

Meditation allows me to create a space & a possibility to observe not only the passions but also the calmness & stillness that inhabit my inner world.
The passions (as described by the enneagram) create the chaos & havoc in my life.
This chaos & havoc distracts me from the experience of love.
How can I know what love is?
The enneagram gives me a description of the fruits or manifestations of love in my day to day life.
The fruits or manifestations of love are called virtues.
The virtues, of course, are tolerance, humility, authenticity, gratitude, generosity, courage, patience, moderation & right action.

Diving deeper into my inner world (through the structured mediation retreats) brings up the issues of obedience and discipline & so tests my ability to follow simple instructions.
Such environments are magnificent opportunities to push the boundaries of my usual practice (& non practice).
I get to build momentum & capacity to experience love (the Divine) & to develop a more healthy & happy life.
What are the consequences of these activities for me?
·        Peace & inner calmness become deeper
·        Motivation is increased to continue a spiritual practice each day.
·        I am reminded of the importance & value of regular inner reflection. 
·        Character defects are more visible. Allowing me a better chance to become more aware & conscious of what I am creating.
·        An inner quiet is increasingly accessible.

A discipline recommended to build your meditation practice is to:
Set aside time once or twice each day for meditation
Set aside one day a month for 3-5 sessions of meditation
Set aside 1-2 weeks a year for a meditation retreat.

The inner world is such a rich place to rest & as De Mello says ‘the world is only right when you are right’

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

For meditation time must be found & taken.

Many people have told me they find meditation an interruption to life.
This is definitely true for me at times.
Meditation was not what I had imagined.
It is not always easy, it often isn’t sweet, it doesn't immediately fix my problems or necessarily improve my relationships.

Sometimes it simply takes time from my day, it makes demands on me & then I felt guilt when I don't do it.
Surely my other work & activities are much more important?
Besides where are the lights? Where are the insights & revelations?

Where are the visions of the divine described by the saints & mystics that I am entitled to for sure (so I thought).
Little by little as I practice meditation with more regularity I begin to learn & I begin to understand.

Meditation is not a matter of mood.
To meditate only when I feel like it is more to seek relief than to grow.
To meditate only when it suits me is to want the divine on my terms.
To meditate only when it is convenient makes the divine a very low priority in your life.
To meditate only when it feels good is to inhabit total emptiness when I most need to be filled.

The hard fact is nobody easily finds time for meditation.
There will always be more pressings or seemingly more important things to do. Yet the time must be found & taken.

What are the consequences if this time isn’t taken?
Without meditation the energy for the rest of my life runs down.
The fuel runs out.
I call myself too tired, too busy when in fact I am too tired & too busy not to meditate!

The burdens of the day wear me down & I no longer remember why I decided to do what I am doing, work on the project I am working on, stay in the relationship I am in. I just get more & more tired & my vision of life & the divine get dimmer & dimmer

Meditation, or any spiritual work, requires regularity, disciple, practice, practice & more practice.

It requires that I follow the simple instruction of a spiritual teacher who has walked the path before me.

Meditation & the spiritual growth that can occur is not about my needs, wants & insights. It stretches beyond me & is anchored in the needs, wants & insights for the entire universe.

As Master Choa Kok Sui says; follow the simple instructions & practice diligently.

What are the consequences of these two activities?
I may be able to manifest my greatness.

Based on the writings of Joan Chittister, OSB in Living the Rule of St. Benedict Today & Master Choa Kok Sui’s Teachings

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Character Building & Virtues

‘If you practice & master character building, it shows that your soul is evolving!’
From Compassionate Objectivity Sutra by Master Choa Kok Sui

Our character is the manifestation of our soul connection.
When I am out of balance , the connection between me & my higher soul becomes minimal.
This minimal soul connection will manifest as a weak character.
The consequences of this are that the chakras, rather than the soul, control my life.
Ask: Who is the boss of my life, the soul or the chakras?

Master Choa Kok Sui says:
'The reason some people are in big trouble is because they have big character flaws'.
Correspondingly with a higher degree of oneness it is easier to practice character virtues.

Character building is a vital part of understanding & managing energy, healing, karma & other elements of Pranic Healing.
In the Basic Pranic Healing Course Master Choa Kok Sui introduces the first three character virtues:

1.      Loving kindness
2.      Generosity
3.      Honesty.

How to build these qualities into your life is part of the Pranic Healing practice & simple to learn & easy to apply in your day to day life.
What are two consequences of developing these qualities?

1.      Your life is changed for the better &
2.      Your ability to experience & contain the experience of the divine is increased

What is the consequences of this?
Your soul shows evidence that it is evolving!