Monday, January 9, 2012

each meditation is a new journey

My experience is ‘the more I meditate the more I need to meditate’ this doesn’t happen overnight & yet is does happen
What is meditation?
Each individual meditation is a new journey or pilgrimage.
Such journeys have been tested & signposted by mystics from all spiritual traditions & spiritual teachers throughout time.
Where does the journey take me?
Meditation is an activity that allows me to experience my inner world.
There is a very big difference between my outer world & my inner world !
One is the ‘grasping’ (Lord Buddha) world of the 5 senses, the egoic defences & the personality - all of which create suffering.

The inner world (also known as heaven) is the place of stillness, peace, bliss, knowing & a place that feels like a real home.
Meditation allows me to turn within, it turns the volume down on my personality & allows me to feel the fine & subtle energy of the essence.

Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of Pranic Healing & author of over 19 books on the subject, provides a map for the journey.
He provides a map & a list of 5 requirements or foundations for a spiritual journey.
This map & list of requirements allows the traveller to be safe, grounded & steady & to be both spiritual & practical!
These requirements are:
1.      Respect for the Divine
2.      Techniques for physical purification & inner purification
3.      Meditation techniques to ensure a balanced growth
4.      A recommended list of books to study
5.      Service & tithing
For example:
Meditation creates an inner charge (yin energy) & this needs to be balanced & expressed as service & tithing (yang energy).

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