Sunday, January 3, 2016

GOAL SETTING is essential for all meditators!

Why is GOAL SETTING so important on the spiritual path?

Regular meditators have access to enormous amounts of spiritual energy.
Harnessing this powerful spiritual energy allows for the manifestations of projects and one's life purpose. That is why it is important to have clear and specific goals.

The downpouring of spiritual energy is like water rushing from a fireman’s hose.
If this hose is without direction and purpose much of this energy will be dissipated randomly and ineffectively. This lack of focus produces a dullness and a dissatisfaction within the spiritual student. They may feel a powerlessness in their own life as if a victim to circumstance.

What is the proper use of spiritual energy?

To fuel your spiritual evolution and fulfil your life purpose
To achieve this, we must have a clear purpose!
You are warmly invited to participate in a powerful one-day GOAL SETTING workshop.

We will also use techniques to facilitate the manifestation of your vision and purpose!
We will LEARN powerful Pranic Healing Techniques and Processes
EXPERIENCE Insight and Clarity through Meditations
and SEE and DISSOLVE what really keeps us from realising our dreams.

Let’s come together in a light hearted and supportive environment
Bring along a list of what you would like 2016 to bring and a plate to share for lunch!

Facilitator: Fara Curlewis
Cost: $100 
Date: Sunday 31/1/16 
Time: 10.00 - 4.00
Place: Pranic Healing and Meditation Centre, 3 Alderson street, Newmarket
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