Monday, April 6, 2015

Growth through Guilt.

Happy Easter!
Last week a client presented at the Centre with ‘poor health, unhappiness and stuckness’ and went on to describe her feelings of guilt around past events in her life. I became aware that she was suffering from a ‘neurotic’ form of guilt that was holding her back from living her best and most beautiful life.
For my client this was a beginning point of increasing self-awareness through a more healthy expression of appropriate guilt!
Appropriate guilt produces growth through self-responsibility.
Neurotic guilt has a catastrophic effect on our energy body, our health and the way we see the world.

David Richo in his book ‘How to be an Adult’ has a concise exploration of 
healthy (appropriate) and unhealthy (neurotic) guilt.
Guilt, its causes and effects, is a challenge for any person and is an indicator of our spiritual development.Richo  states: ‘Guilt is not a feeling but a belief or judgement’
Let’s look at the nature and manifestation of what we describe as guilt.

Appropriate Guilt & MY truth
Neurotic Guilt & OTHERS  truth
Is self-confronting & leads to a resolution
Is a judgement that is self-defeating & leads to suffering
Proceeds or follows unethical behaviour Also called conscience & is evidence of a functional ego
Its origin is in the neurotic ego & it leads to inner conflict
There is accountability
Tactic used to avoid both feelings & truth
Is the adult response
Response of the scared child within
It indicates an upset of a natural balance between ourselves and others.
Learned & unhealthy response related to another’s truth & not your own
Balance is restored by admission, reconciliation & restitution
Seeks to be resolved by blaming others or punishment
Appropriate guilt vanishes automatically with the ‘triple A’ approach

·        Admission
·        Amendment
·        Affirmation 
Neurotic guilt is a technique to stay stuck. This guilt is a mask we use- refusing to acknowledge need to change /growth
·        Fear
·        Refusal to take responsibility
·        Anger
·        Denial of the truth
                                                                                 Richo, D.(1991) How to be an Adult Paulist Press

What are the possible consequences of identifying & working with guilt?
I could have the ability to hold myself accountable and not blame myself or others.
I could then take the steps necessary to spiritually grow .
These steps in Pranic Healing taught to us by Master Cho Kok Sui start with what is called Character Building.
Character Building requires the practice of Inner Reflection & Firm Resolution to act with virtue.
This is how my thoughts, feelings and actions will gradually change.
These steps are only possible if I am not tangled up with neurotic guilt!
If you would like to explore this in more depth you are welcome to book a session link.