Saturday, January 4, 2020

Byron Katie The Work - What is it?

‘Loving What Is’ Byron Katie changes concepts on how life should be.

Four questions are all you need to have a different perspective in life—and “Loving What Is” created by Byron Katie is your first step in achieving this.

The author is fond of saying “When you argue with reality you lose – only 100% of the time”

This can be a difficult notion to understand and some questions could remain.

How can you reach the stage where you are actually ‘loving what is’? How can you love and accept the truth that your friend betrayed you, your partner left you for someone else or you have cancer?

The answers can be found in the book “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie. In this post, we’ll show you the process she calls ‘The Work’, which can help you get all the answers you need in life.

The Work in “Loving What Is” Byron Katie: What is It?

It’s a process involving writing down stressful thoughts and asking these 4 questions:
  1. Is it true?
  2. Can I absolutely know it is true?
  3. How do I react when I think that thought?
  4. Who would I be without the thought?

This exercise aims to reveal that your deepest beliefs are usually just misunderstandings. Katie believes that thoughts like “I will never find a partner who loves me” or “My boss shouldn’t have fired me” are often unproven opinions and so can be questioned.

Instead of trying to prove you’re right, she suggests doing the opposite. Free yourself by questioning the belief that things should have been different. 

‘Loving What Is’ Byron Katie: Minding Your Business

Byron Katie strongly believes in the idea of minding your own business. She says there are three types of businesses: God’s, mine, and yours. Suffering starts when you get out of your own business and begin interfering with the other two.

For example, you are bothered by the fact that your son didn’t do the dishes like he said he was. Ask yourself “Who’s business is it that he didn’t do the dishes?

What your child does or doesn’t do isn’t your business but theirs. If you want the chore done, that’s your business and you can either do it yourself, remind him to do it or any number of things.

Believing they should’ve done it and they didn’t is guarantying misery and arguing with reality.
‘Loving What Is’ Byron Katie: Applying The Work

The Work can be applied to almost any problem and the more open you are to exploring your deepest beliefs, the more enlightened and relieved you’ll be!

The first step is to write down all the petty complaints you have about a situation. Try not to hold back—the key here is to get to the belief that’s making you uncomfortable and stuck.

Take those beliefs one at a time and answer the questions above. Then turn it around.

Let’s take the statement “My child is lazy.” For the first question “Is it true?” you might say “Yes! They didn’t do what they said they were going to do.” But, if you’re honest, you may say they’re not completely lazy—they excel in school, help with the laundry, etc.

If you’re stuck on the first question, the second will surely nail you. “Can I absolutely know that it’s true?” Truth is, you can’t. There’s no manual for lazy people to consult to prove your thought!

Then, move on to the third question. “How do I react when I think that thought?”

Well, when I think about my child being lazy, I’m tense and get angry. I feel like a bad mother.

From here, ask yourself. “Who would I be without the thought?”

Without thinking the thought that my child is lazy, I see their good qualities clearly. I’d be more relaxed and obviously would be better off without the thought.

Lastly, you turn things around. Turning the thought around means reversing what you wrote; it’s a great way to see your projections. So, in this case, the turnarounds maybe “I can be lazy” or “My child’s not completely lazy” or “My thoughts around my child are lazy”.

These turnarounds feel a lot truer than your first thought and when you investigate the truth, you relax and even love your child more deeply.
‘Loving What Is’ Byron Katie: Embracing Reality

Katie says that your work isn’t done unless you treat everyone and everything in the world as a friend.

‘The Work isn’t for the faint-hearted. It takes courage to accept reality as it is completely.
It helps you learn to love what you have whether you wanted it or not. With time, it’ll bring you to a state of love—more love you even thought was possible. 

Friday, November 8, 2019

Relationship Healing & Forgiveness


SUNDAY 8th Dec 2019 read more 


‘For healing to take place, there is a need to forgive others’ Master Choa Kok Sui
Forgiving releases long-standing negative emotions/energies. This clearing of negative energies is one of the basic principles of a Pranic Healing treatment.
The consequence of clearing these heavy, tired and hurtful energies are that it creates a space for lightness, flow and peace to arise again in your life, so that hope, joy, tenderness and compassion can return.

Pranic Healing has the tools and techniques to facilitate & experience to life-changing effects of deep Forgiveness.

SUNDAY 8th Dec read more 
All welcome. 
Venue: Pranic Healing & Meditation Centre, Brisbane

Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Meditation Pathway in Brisbane

Reflections by a first-time participant of our Twin Hearts Meditation Group...

Are you looking for a Meditation Group where you can be guided to your inner world sanctuary?

The Pranic Healing and Meditation Centre in Newmarket holds Twin Hearts Meditation Classes on two Monday evenings during each month. The first is held closest to the full moon and the second the Monday after. 

The meditation evenings commence at 7.00pm sharp allowing you plenty of time to have a light dinner beforehand and will conclude by 8.30pm, which also allows you plenty of time to drive home - if you are an early starter for the next day.

Qualified Teacher and Practitioner of Pranic Healing, Fara Curlewis commences each evening with a presentation on the benefits of Meditation so the recipient can comprehend what can happen in their life when the calmness of Meditation is not current. 
Our thoughts and actions are combined with dimensions of “Inner and Outer Worlds”; the latter sometimes making it difficult to climb out of situations when in despair. 

The Inner World is our sanctum where we can learn to be in the moment, to be still, to meditate. Fara shows you how to draw down and utilise Divine energy into the crown chakra thus promoting empowered physical and emotional energy, good health and inner radiance for spiritual development.

Before commencing the meditation, guests were asked to stand and follow the short and non-evasive exercises given by a group leader. The physical exercises cleanse the etheric body and any used-up prana is expelled.  As well, after the meditation, excess energy is released by moving the body for a few minutes.

The Twin Hearts Meditation gives meditators the opportunity to listen to words by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, (the modern-day founder of Pranic Healing) as we glide into a receptive and relaxed state of mind. 

Although there were first-timers as well as experienced and regular meditators in the room, on the Monday evening I attended, there was an atmosphere of Oneness in the room by the end of the session. Each person, individual in his or her path of life, had come together as one and were leaving with a new-found inner beauty and spiritual awareness.

These meditations are free of charge; however, to allow these sessions to remain free so everyone may attend, you are invited to leave a donation.

For more information on the Twin Hearts Meditation evenings, please contact the Pranic Healing Centre on 0418 217 193, email or visit their website

Susan J Bowes
Writing for Pleasure

Saturday, July 6, 2019

How do I feel Prana Energy?

What is Prana Energy?
Each breath we take, every movement of the leaves in the trees, the waves in an ocean and the rays from your bedside lamp, these are all sources of abundant energy, which surrounds us. This energy is called Prana Energy. The word ‘Prana’ is from Hindi.
It is also called ‘Chi’ (Chinese), ‘Ki’ (Japanese) and ‘Aka’ (Egyptian).
Understanding the human body and its energy field is an important step in how well-being can be maintained, and healing takes place. The energy field is called an ‘Aura’ and is described in both Latin and Ancient Greek to mean wind, breeze or breath.

Where did this knowledge of Prana Energy come from?
Pranic Healing, the understanding and use of Prana Energy was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui in the late 20th Century. Master Choa through methodical research described and cultivated a profound understanding of the energy healing system. He called this Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. He developed this system of practices using ancient technologies from all the major religious and spiritual schools. His study on energy enables us to understand simply and powerfully how to activate and align the chakras and to awaken the kundalini energy or ’sacred fire’ in ourselves and others.  

Through these techniques and Arhatic Yoga (an advanced Pranic Healing Yoga) one can increase self-worth, develop higher intuition, stabilise the emotions, advance mental powers and lead a balanced and successful life. When your Prana Energy flow is corrected and balanced, your body easily and rightfully heals itself. The technique is simple to learn and can be used by anyone with a desire to be healed and to heal others.

How do I Feel Prana Energy?
Let’s do an experiment. If you rub your hands together vigorously and then gently move them apart after a few seconds, you will feel a warmth and energy between your palms.  If you cannot feel the energy straight away, move your hands back and forth together in a calm manner. You will then feel an energy or even the feel of a small invisible ball between your palms. This energy is alive and although invisible, surrounds your body entirely. Can you imagine utilising this energy to heal yourself and others in a safe and harmonious manner? 

How Do I Find Out More about Prana Energy?
If you would like to learn more about this amazing healing technique, The Pranic Healing and Meditation Centre in Newmarket, which was established in 2007, holds Pranic Healing Courses throughout the year - Pranic Level 1, 2 & 3, Arhatic Yoga, Crystal Healing, Kriyashakti, and all the Certified MCKS’s Pranic Healing Courses. Every year senior Master teachers come and teach through the Pranic Healing and Meditation Centre. These courses are structured to suit any budget with payment plans, programs and discounted packages available.  On the completion of each course, students receive an internationally recognised certificate, which bears the gold seal of Master Choa Kok Sui. 

Ongoing support through practice sessions, meditation evenings, community Pranic Healing Clinics and one-on-one spiritual mentoring is available to all.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What is Prana Energy?

What is Prana Energy?
‘Prana’ is the name of energy that exists in our world and animates our physical bodies.
This Prana Energy is the vital life force energy that gives us life and sustains our existence.

This prana energy is flowing in, around and through us constantly and there is an abundant supply of this vital life force prana energy available to each of us.
Prana Energy has been known and studied in every religion and spiritual school since the beginning of time.
The word ‘Prana’ is from Hindi, this same energy is also called ‘Chi’(Chinese) or ‘Ki’ (Japanese) and ‘Aka’ (Egyptian).

When Prana Energy is directed, with focused conscious intent and infused with compassion and love it heals. It heals us, others and the world bringing deeper meaning to our lives.
The use of this Prana Energy is fundamental to Pranic Healing. Pranic Healing is a form of ‘energy medicine’ that teaches and guides students to safely harness universal life prana energy to heal themselves and others.

How do I access Prana Energy?
There are many ways to access and enhance your own flow of life sustaining and enriching Prana Energy.
These can be learnt in the Pranic Healing Courses and by practising Pranic Healing breathing techniques, understanding the flow of energy and the nature of the energy anatomy, accessing the prana energies in the air and all around us. In the teachings of Pranic Healing, we learn an important way of accessing and building your own prana energy is by healing yourself, your family and friends and others. These healings can be achieved by practising the seven steps of the Pranic Healing process.

Other ways to access, absorb and integrate prana energy is by being still, quiet and fully present in Meditation, breath awareness and being in nature.
This being fully present and experiencing the quiet spaces within, allows tremendous amounts of Pranic Energy to infuse the aura, chakras and physical body. This process is more available when factors, such as, diet, exercise, laughter, living your passion, releasing negative and limiting belief systems, having compassion, using affirmations and prayers are also considered.

How can Prana Energy help me?
The free flow of Prana Energy is essential for a life of health, happiness and prosperity.
When negative used-up energy is trapped in our aura, chakras and bodies on an everyday basis, our life force prana energy diminishes and depletes and we feel stressed, lethargic, depressed and dispassionate about our own existence. Pranic Healing can help move stuck energy.
The problem of depleted energy can be reversed when we understand our true nature as energy beings and the principles of Prana Energy flow. When the Prana Energy flow is corrected and balanced the body is able to heal itself.

Can anyone learn about Prana Energy?
Yes Pranic Healing is a simple, practical and effective energy healing system that anyone can learn and use.
Please check our website for more information about:
Pranic Healing Courses and Individual Pranic Healing Consultations

Monday, May 13, 2019

Pranic Healing Events Schedule in Newmarket, Brisbane

Pranic Healing Courses & Events at the Pranic Healing & Meditation Centre in Newmarket
please check our website for details link

                                                                                                                                      PRANIC HEALING COURSE SCHEDULE 
MAY-DEC 2019
Check website for details & bookings
May 20th
Mon 7pm – 8.30pm
Wesak Full Moon Meditation
Ramada Motel - Windsor
Open to all – please register
Limited seating
Pranic Healing – L1
Instructor – Fara Curlewis
Open to all
June 15th & 16th
Advanced Pranic Healing – L2
Instructor – Fara Curlewis
Basic Pranic Healing- L1
June Sat 29th
Pranic Psychotherapy – L3
Instructor – Fara Curlewis
Advanced Pranic Healing – L2
June Sun 30th
Crystal Pranic Healing – L4
Instructor – Fara Curlewis
Advanced Pranic Healing – L2
July 27th -28th
Arhatic Yoga (Prep Level)
Instructor – Marilette Liongson
Pranic Psychotherapy & /or Achieving Oneness
Aug 10th & 11th
Pranic Healing – L1
Instructor – Fara Curlewis with Tracey Dutton
Open to all
Aug 17th & 18th
9am – 6pm
Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul Instructor – Marilette Liongson
Open to the public
Sept 7th & 8th
Advanced Pranic Healing – L2
Instructor – Fara Curlewis
Basic Pranic Healing – L1
Sept 28th
9am- 6pm
Inner Teachings of Christianity Revealed
Instructor – Marilette Liongson
Basic Pranic Healing -L1
Sept 29th
8.30am – 7pm
Psychic Self-Defence
Instructor – Marilette Liongson
Advanced Pranic Healing – L2
Oct 25th – 28th
Australian Arhatic Yoga Retreat
Master Hector Ramos & Master Stephen Co

Nov 9th
9am – 6pm
Pranic Psychotherapy – L3
Instructor – Fara Curlewis
Advanced Pranic Healing – L2
Nov 10th
9am – 6pm
Crystal Pranic Healing – L4
Instructor – Fara Curlewis
Advanced Pranic Healing – L2