Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Work of Byron Katie PDF; 4 Questions that can change your life.

Byron Katie, The Work pdf contains four easy questions that turn negative thoughts around. It also changes your reaction to situations that stress you and to love reality as is. You need only investigate the thoughts that create stress in your life.

The Work is about awakening or investigating what you’re experiencing this moment.
It’s a great technique to challenge your faulty thinking and be more open-minded.

The more open you are to exploring your deepest beliefs, the more enlightened and relieved you’ll be!

Are you frustrated, unhappy, or stressed? Then let’s have a look at what it all means.

Byron Katie, The Work pdf: The Four Questions

When you are unhappy ask yourself these four questions. It can really help change your perspective:
1.     Is this thought true?
2.     Can I be absolutely sure that it’s true without a doubt?
3.     How do I react when I believe this thought?
4.     Who would I be without this thought?

For example, you have a group presentation due tomorrow and your business partner still hasn’t sent you her research. You may start thinking, “Lisa’s so unreliable. How can she be so careless?”

Write that thought on a piece of paper and answer the questions above.
Is this thought true? Is Lisa really unreliable? Has the same thing happened before or is this the first time? Are you 100% sure that she’s always unreliable?
Then, explore your feelings. Did you get angry? Defensive? Hurt? What if the thought didn’t exist? Would your life be easier?

Most negative thoughts would likely go away once you dig deeper. Once this has been done, you are now ready for the turnaround.

Byron Katie, The Work pdf: The Turnaround

The turnaround is when you look at the original thought in different ways and see how you react to each of them. It’s an extra step after asking yourself the questions now that you’re more open-minded.

The thought “Lisa is unreliable” may slowly turn into the following turnarounds:
1.     Lisa is reliable.
2.     I could be the unreliable one.
3.     There could be more turnarounds…keep investigating until it feels real – or more ‘real’ than the original thought!

Your reactions and feelings toward these turnarounds will vary—and they must! Just make sure to consider them all and follow your gut feeling. Remember that there’s no one right answer, only more options to clarify the original thought.
You can even ask yourself the four questions again for the turnarounds you feel strongly about. Another key when applying The Work is that it isn’t about achieving something or figuring things out.

You’re just investigating the experience further (and your emotions and thoughts) and accepting it as if it were your first time dealing with it.