Saturday, May 25, 2013

Suffering & The Work of Byron Katie

We are 100% responsible for our own suffering.!
Our beliefs create our suffering...
Our attachment to certain beliefs will determine how much we suffer.
This is a big one!
My mother shouldn't have died when I was only 6
I shouldn't have been abused by my grandfather
I shouldn't be overweight
My parents should help me more
People shouldn't be so selfish
Politicians should be more honest
Life should be fair
They should forgive me

These beliefs will create a life of suffering
It is the law of cause & effect

There are many ways to transform your suffering
A powerful, simple yet effective way is THE WORK.            
What is The Work?
It is a process of 4 questions & a turn around.
What are the results of this process?
·        Create calmness & clarity in your life
·        Learn your spiritual lessons & not continue your suffering
·        You see clearly what you are creating in this world
 It is a simple process
It is a journey into your true & best self
What are the results of this process?
You get to be free.

Want to know more?
I teach this process in individual sessions or in a day workshop
Next one day workshop:

Saturday 15th June 10am-4pm$80 (morning tea provided)Venue: Pranic Healing Centre3 Alderson St

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