Thursday, October 24, 2013


Master Choa Kok Sui describes 5 virtues for the spiritual practitioner to master
One of these virtues is LOVING KINDNESS.
Master Choa Kok Sui says:
Practice Loving-Kindness to people & other beings in thought, speech & action.
Real Love makes you see things as they are
Harmlessness is a manifestation of Loving-Kindness.
Where there is Love there will be stillness & peace.
MCKS gives us a key to accelerating our spiritual development. He says:
If the heart chakra is not developed the crown chakra cannot develop.
One powerful way to develop both the heart chakra & the crow chakra is the beautiful & powerful Twin Hearts Meditation.
Here, at the Pranic Healing centre, we offer Monday evening Meditation to practice this meditation.

All are welcome & no prior meditation experience is necessary.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Law of Karma

This is a universal law.
Simple, clear & fundamental in all spiritual traditions.
In Pranic Healing Master Choa Kok Sui (MCKS) reminds us of this in his teachings, courses & meditations
When I remember this Universal Law I create a force (or vibration) which creates my destiny.
When I forget we are all one, I create the separation & produce a different type of force (or vibration)  which activates the Law of Karma & creates my destiny.

The Law of Karma is about cause & effect.
The Law of Karma is about the seeds I plant & fertilize will be harvested, both good & bad.
It is simple & easy to both understand & observe.
The seeds I sow I will reap … the examples often given are if you plant an apple seed you get an apple tree, if you plant a seed of rice you grown & harvest rice.

Pranic Healing teaches how & why this Law operates.
Pranic Healing teaches you techniques to neutralize any negative Karma & practice’s to build your good Karma.
For more information you are welcome to participate Pranic Healing Courses available at our Centre