Monday, December 2, 2013

The Virtue of Non-Attachment

Non-attachment has nothing to do with coldness or indifference.
It is to realize that nothing is permanent.
If I can live life intensely & at the same time be non-attached - then, & only then, will I be able to perceive things accurately & clearly.

Master Choa says:
'It is very much like a child giving up the toys of childhood.
It requires a certain level of maturity to achieve non-attachment'.

It is when I do things properly & thoroughly & then let go.
It is being in the flow & not resisting change.
It is change that teaches us non-attachment.
Everything is in a constant state of change.
Life a series of attachments & detachments and a series of holding on & releasing and of connecting & disconnecting. It is this that produces either suffering or the virtue of non-attachment.

When I live without struggle or resistance I can experience non-attachment and can seriously participate in the flow of life!

Based on Master Choa Kok Sui Creative Transformation Sutra