Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dwelling in the Present Moment

Dwelling or occupying the present moment , being here now, staying present and attentive to the light within, standing in my interior world.
Love only exists in the present moment & only love is real (Course in Miracles)

The Divine is light, it is a vibration, it is a rich experience of love, peace, joy, bliss and is abundantly available to us in any moment.

What keeps me from this?
Distractions, confusion, judgements, fear, envy – all distortions of the truth or my mistakes in perception (Course in Miracles) or as the enneagram describes, my personality.

My unconscious, habitual series of reactions that disturbs and distorts my vision of the world. I begin to create suffering in my life or experience a  ‘pain body’ attack (Tolle)

What is the antidote?
One remedy is paying attention to my breath.
The breath as it moves in and out of the nostril, as it moves across my top lip.

25,000 breaths a day, 25,000 opportunities to wake up & be aware.
25,000 times a day I am reminded of the doorway to being present.
What generosity is showered on me each moment, each day.

Paying attention to my breath creates a spaciousness and stillness.
Paying attention to my breath and creating a spaciousness and stillness allows:
·        thoughts and emotions subside
·        my emotional and mental subtle bodies of the aura to calm
·        my inner noise to diminish and disperse
·        the volume is turned down on my personality
·        steadiness to return
·        my interior space containing love, peace, joy and bliss begins to expand
·        the Divine is visible again for me
·        inner guidance is audible
·        I get back on track
·        I have a chance is take right thoughts, right speak and right action again
·        PEACE

Friday, December 17, 2010

Law of Karma

Law of Karma.
How do I use the Law of Karma to navigate change so I can grow and transform to:
1.      have peace  and
2.      Reach my potential for this lifetime?

The Law of Karma is a benevolent gift of love from the universe.
It is also a navigational tool to guide and give direction to my life.
As I am always reminded... life is in a perpetual state of change.
Just as I think I have the answer and the road map for my life (and others’) the vital elements and the rules change!

One crucial and fundamental principle described in each of the world religions are the teachings contained by the Law of Karma.

What is the Law of Karma and how can I understand it in my life?

Karma means... What I sow is what I reap or What I give is what I will receive (Galatians 6:7).
What I see and how I experience this life is a reflection of my state of being.
My state of being is a vibration level that magnetises thoughts, feelings, actions and experiences of the same and matching vibration level.
Who would want that when I am in my personality (ego)!

Karma means "deed" or "act" and names the universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction that governs all life and is applicable to an individual or a group of individuals such as a family, as well as a community, corporation or a nation.
The Law of Karma (like the Law of Gravity) is unbreakable and is present in both the blessed areas of our lives and the difficult and challenging times (Myss p 36).

Sometimes I hear people say:
‘It’s just my karma; I can’t do anything about it’
This is a misunderstanding of this spiritual principle.
Karma is not punishment or retribution but simply an extended expression or consequence of natural acts – it is the business of balance and right order. (MKCS 2005, p 243)

Karma refers to the totality of my actions and their concomitant reactions in this and previous lives, all of which determines my future. The understanding of karma lies in my being aware and awake, being able to take the intelligent action of giving a loving and compassion response in the present moment.

This action, in the present, allows me to control my future and create my destiny, through using the Law of Karma. In Pranic Healing, the application of the Law of Karma, in this way, is called the Golden Rule. This Golden Rule is a spiritual technique that allows for my transformation. It has two aspects which are simple and easy to understand.

Firstly, the Yang Golden Rule which states ‘Do unto others what you would want done unto you’.
Secondly, the Yin Golden Rule is ‘Don’t do unto others what you would not want others to do unto you’.
Master Choa Kok Sui (modern day founder of Pranic Healing) describes the principles, techniques and application of these rules to change your life in this incarnation.
He gives the examples ‘if you want help in times of need, you need to help others’ and ‘if you don’t want to be cheated, don’t cheat others’ said another way
if one sows goodness, one will reap goodness; if one sows evil, one will reap evil.

What I sow is what I will harvest.. What is my experience of life in this moment? Is this what I want to harvest?
Questions: What can I change to have peace in this moment?
Answer: My mind!

Master Choa Kok Sui. 2005.  Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul. Institute of Inner Studies Publishing Foundation.
Myss, C.M. 2009 Defy Gravity. Hay House 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Starting Point

Hello there,
Thank you for coming to my blog
You can learn more about me on my website www.pranichealingcentre.com.au & you are welcome to ask questions & give feedback.
I am busting to express myself with passion & flair!
Yet I feel constricted & confined ... described in the Enneagram as ‘avarice’.
As I know, all things begin with baby steps so here are my baby steps & let’s watch what unfolds...
I want  to share & honour the teachings I receive from so many sources. They may be spiritual masters, clients, friends, family or a stranger, as happened today, in the train.
Here I want to find expression for the many gifts others shower on me with their stories ... to express the stories with love as they are given to me.
I am exhausted by standing against & resisting the overwhelming pressure to express & articulate the bubbling stream of words, ideas, emotions that well up within me.... open the gates & let me begin...
With your help, I want to build & share my experiences of how life manifests for me & how the Divine finds expression in the details of my existence.
So thank you for being & let’s begin the journey...