Thursday, February 27, 2014


A spiritual focus on goals puts the focus firmly on your Soul.
If you focus on the Soul, all your other goals will manifest much more easily. If you want success, abundance and happiness, you must align with your Soul first.
Unlike many of the current thought leaders and success theories that encourage a total focus on your strengths, the Master Choa Kok Sui ( MCKS) approach to achieving success includes taking time to recognize and reflect on your weaknesses and then setting goals to overcome them.
Strengths and weaknesses are energy.  As you vibrate at the level of your strengths or your weaknesses, you magnetize more of this to yourself. This means it is vital to catch bad behaviour quickly and replace it with a positive outcome.
The universe is constantly giving to us. By setting goals and addressing your weaknesses, you open up the channel to these gifts. You need a target because what you pay attention to… grows.
As we are invisible to ourselves, it is essential to listen to feedback from others, particularly given the tendency to add a PR gloss to our weaknesses. Don’t take feedback personally, but focus objectively on the information being given and pay witness to where we can then see it playing out in our lives.
It’s also useful to look at your mistakes over the recent past because if you don’t, you are highly likely to repeat them. Reflect on your blocks and limitations, but don’t indulge in too much remorse – this only feeds the mistake.
A small amount of remorse is good as it tells you that your action is not coming from a spiritual level. Your soul wants you to learn your lessons, and to do this you need to be able to observe both your strengths and weaknesses.
An effective technique to assist in setting effective goals is to write down a list of your weaknesses. Against each weakness write the opposite strength and set a goal that will help you develop this strength. Against each goal consider the question: “and then what” and write down your answer. Do this a number of times, and see where this leads you. The outcome will be revealing!
Another important way to ensure you reach your goals is to build up your chakras. Chakras are the vital interplay between the Soul and the body. Our strengths and weaknesses are a function of the chakras and if these are not functioning well the negative aspects of individual chakras will increase.
Master Stephen Co (Archarya and Director of the US Pranic Healing Foundation) focuses on goals during his recent videostream  In his address, Master Stephen emphasizes the importance of cleansing thoroughly in order to disintegrate and remove old patterns so as to start again with a clean slate. Otherwise, you will be “hauling a ball and chain of old thought forms and energy.”
His approach is inspiring: “Set goals and have a target. Go and blast through the boulder of inner obstacles. Give yourself the opportunity. Try. Aim high, and keep raising the bar.
“Take responsibility. You are your own driving force. Be the driving force of your success.
 “If you put yourself in the position where you are constantly pushing, at some stage you no longer need to push. Set a pattern, so the momentum becomes part of you,” Master Stephen recommends.
“Study, meditate and practice. You may need a nudge, and it can be helpful to have a trainer. A teacher is like a spiritual trainer.”

While each individual is the key to their own success, help is at hand. The US Pranic Healing Centre will do more video streams throughout 2014 while the Brisbane Pranic Healing Centre runs a full program of individual and group activities from its Newmarket Base.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Accept Change Graciously

A precious stone cannot be polished without friction, nor humanity perfected without trials.