Thursday, June 14, 2018

Ahimsa - Harmlessness

AHIMSA is from the ancient Sanskrit. The word 'himsa' means to strike or harm. Therefore 'ahimsa' is the practice of harmlessness and is linked to the understanding that all beings have a spark of the Divine spiritual energy and to hurt another being is to hurt oneself.
AHIMSA is a cardinal virtue from which all virtues are expressed.

Ahimsa has multi dimensions and is manifested in right thoughts, right emotions, right speech and right actions... 

Ahimsa is the highest virtue, Ahimsa is the highest self-control,
Ahimsa is the greatest gift, Ahimsa is the best suffering,
Ahimsa is the highest sacrifice, Ahimsa is the finest strength, 

Ahimsa is the greatest friend, Ahimsa is the greatest happiness, 
Ahimsa is the highest truth and Ahimsa is the greatest teaching.
From Mahabharata (one of the epics of Hinduism)

Master Choa Kok Sui (MCKS) introduces the principles and concepts of character building in the first of the Pranic Healing foundation courses. The principles and concepts are developed and refined in all the following courses.

MCKS says 
Character building is a manifestation of your spiritual development ... and the degree of Soul Contact... when the Soul Connection is not strong, the chakras (which correspond with your lower nature) rather than the Soul, are manifested (though your thoughts, emotions, speech and actions). 
MCKS Golden Lotus Sutra Compassionate Objectivity 

The elements of character building include inner reflection & practicing virtues.
MCKS says:  ...the virtues are given to guide you and the development of virtues must be balanced.
In Pranic Healing we learn the physical, psychological and spiritual functions of the chakras and the connection of the virtues to the chakras.
MCKS Golden Lotus Sutra Compassionate Objectivity 

Master Choa Kok Sui in the Basic Pranic Healing course introduces us to 3 virtues to practice.
He identifies the purpose and effect of this practice and how we can change our own lives and become more effective healers.
The three virtues are:
Loving-Kindness & Non-Injury
Generosity & Non-Stealing
Honesty & Non-Lying

Understanding the importance and value of character building and the development of virtues helps facilitate changes and improvement of your life and accelerates your spiritual development. 
Learn this and more in MCKS's Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga.
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