Sunday, October 9, 2016

Research indicates that our bodies emit light as biophotons

Researchers have discovered that our bodies emit light in the form of biophotons. These ultra-weak emissions produce a low-intensity glow which is not normally visible to the naked eye.

More and more scientists now postulate that our bodies are not only made of matter, but are also composed of light. The light we emit, as biophotons, may well play a part in regulating the communication between our cells and our DNA. Our biophotonic field is said to be like a holographic field which permeates and encompasses the physical body. This field acts as the medium through which signals can travel between cells at the speed of light and help maintain balance within the organism.

Research is at an early stage. In some experiments looking at biophotons, there have been significant increases in biophotons from the right sides of volunteer's heads when they imagined seeing light in a very dark environment, compared to when they did not.

There are several ways that this biophoton emission may be made visible.

One way is by the use of 'photo-multipliers' that amplify the weak light signals and present them in the form of a graph.

Another way is through the use of a camera with computer software such as BioField Reader (Biophotons - The Light In Our Cells by Marco Bischof).

BioField Reader(BFR) interprets different light intensities around a subject, colour-codes them, and then displays them on a computer screen.
HEALING - see top two BFR scans below
In areas where people have physical problems we see less balanced light with BFR. In our experiments with healing we have seen more balanced light after healing than before. Before Healing (on left). The main painful areas - left side of neck and lower back - showed red congested light. After healing (on right). These same areas showed more balanced light (green) and the woman reported less pain. 
Before healing
MEDITATION - see bottom two BFR scans above
In experiments with meditation we often see a change in light intensity, not only around the head but often in many areas of the body. The woman in these BFR scans is a regular meditator. The special BFR software is able to distinguish changes in light, not seen with the naked eye, while this woman is meditating. In the right hand picture you can see a change in the light around her head when she is meditating.
It is very interesting that we are seeing changes in light, not normally visible to the naked eye, with the BFR software. I wonder if this 'macro' change in the light patterns and intensities observed via BFR may somehow reflect what is happening at a 'micro' level with biophoton emissions. More research certainly needs to be done.

Here's the full link to the article written by Marcus Bischof:

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