Thursday, April 26, 2018

What is the Wesak Festival?

What is the Wesak Festival? 
The Wesak Festival is celebrated annually during the full moon of Taurus, the culmination of all the other full moons of the year.
This is a universal spiritual festival intended to unify spiritual groups in their task of radiating divine blessings of light, love and peace. Its celebration is initially marked with personal inner healing for the purpose of becoming proper channels in the performance of a unified group service — the divine healing of all sentient beings. It is, therefore a spiritual technique of spiritual contact.
(Reference: Alice Bailey, The Reappearance of the Christ, Arcane School)
The source of divine blessings is ultimately the Supreme Being. The downpour of the most powerful universal energy is constant and eternal. Spiritual energy transformers are needed to harness and assimilate its benefits. The divine Hierarchy, the great Ones, and the spiritual Teacher act as spiritual transformers. Let us take time to contemplate on how to bring about and reap the most benefit from the special Wesak downpour of energy as revealed in the spiritual teachings on the devotion to the Supreme Being and proper attitude or reverence to the spiritual Teacher....  

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